With football season on the horizon, the NFL must prove it can deliver on Thursday nights — despite risks of overexposure and player injuries.

The MMA athlete opens up about being the only woman in "Expendables 3," her role in the "Entourage" movie and the advice she got from Sylvester Stallone.

The City of Angels spawns superstars — and loyalty — as demonstrated by these 11 athletes, ranging from a six-time MVP basketball icon to the final surviving member of the Rams' Fearsome Foursome.
The exploding universe of e-sports culminates every year in a "League of Legends" tournament that sold out more than 11,000 seats at Staples, has Coca-Cola and American Express as sponsors and keeps teenagers training year-round.
The golf analyst opens up about his inability to censor himself: "I'm basically trying to get myself fired."


The Greatest Athlete Ads Ever
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A great sports superstar isn’t truly great until he or she has a signature TV spot — think Michael Jordan in "Be Like Mike" or Bo Jackson in "Bo Knows." We've selected 16 of the best athlete ads (including some vintage cuts) and want you to pick a champion in our bracket. Check back on THR's Facebook page next week to see our pick for the top spot.

Casting Call
THR Casts Future Sports Movies
We asked six superstar athletes who would play them in a movie version of their life story. These are the Hollywood stars they picked ranked against who THR like in the roles — now you get to pick who should be cast! Is Denzel Washington the right actor to play the outspoken Richard Sherman, or should Tyrese Gibson portray the trash-talking Seattle Seahawks cornerback? Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones chose Tyra Banks, but THR thinks Zoe Saldana is a much better match. L.A. Kings' Jarret Stoll just won the Stanley Cup, and now he wants Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey to play him. Make your picks below. — Debbie Emery, THR.

Tyrese Gibson
THR thinks Fast & Furious 7 star Tyrese Gibson captures all the energy and gritty passion of the mouthy Super Bowl champion.

Richard Sherman
Seattle Seahawks | Cornerback
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Denzel Washington
Famous for his own dramatics such as a live postgame rant to Erin Andrews, Sherman chose Denzel because "he's the best in the game."

Malin Akerman
Blonde bombshell Malin Akerman is the spitting image in the looks department, plus she grew up in Sweden and Canada's ski hamlets.

Lindsey Vonn
Olympian | Alpine Skiing
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Jessica Biel
Olympic skier Vonn chose sporting skills over physical similarities, saying "she's bad ass and very athletic. Plus she can ski."

Jared Leto
Leto's brooding good looks and dark eyes are a perfect match, and his fast-paced personality would be an asset on the racetrack.

Jimmie Johnson
NASCAR | Driver
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Colin Farrell
The NASCAR driver is from California but he opted for the Irish star since "besides being a good actor, people say we look alike."

Zoe Saldana
The action star from Avatar and Star Trek Into Darkness looks like she could conquer any of Lolo's sports, from hurdles to bobsled.

Lolo Jones
Olympian | Track & Field, Bobsledding
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Tyra Banks
"She attempted hurdles in Higher Learning. Besides, I don't have a big chest in real life so at least I could have it in the movies," says Jones.

Joe Manganiello
Also skilled at stripping, the Magic Mike star is a huge hockey fan but cheers for the Pittsburgh Penguins — not Stoll's L.A. Kings.

Jarret Stoll
L.A. Kings | Center
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Matthew McConaughey
"He has the athleticism, confidence and is able to put himself in any situation comfortably, and he likes to take his shirt off!" says Stoll.

Hilary Duff
At 5-foot-2, Duff is only slightly taller than the figure skater. And after marrying a hockey player, she's used to being at ice rinks.

Tara Lipinski
Olympian (Retired) | Figure Skating
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Rachel McAdams
The Notebook star "is an amazing actress and was once a competitive figure skater so she wouldn’t need much training!" says Lipinski.

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