David Gruhin

The experienced STRATEGISTDESIGNERDeveloper


Brand strategist, designer, developer

Strategist, designer & developer offering vast experience leveraging new coding practices and development methodologies to deliver highly effective and creative solutions to business and technology challenges. Utilizes highly attuned analytical skills to develop web and business strategies employing cutting-edge technologies to increase revenue streams. Consistently drives high standards of service through effective project management, communication, development, and strategic planning. Highly organized with strong capacity to prioritize workload, delegate deliverables, and steer project completion within established deadlines.

Personal qualities

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From initial talks to wire framing and design, through code writing, I like to be highly involved in the creative process of any project.


I work very well managing or being in a team but also thrive when handed an assignment to tackle on my own.


Meeting or beating deadlines is critical for success in a fast paced digital world and I strive to hit all milestones.


Handling multiple projects simultaneously is something at which I excel.

Professional Timeline

Working hard and achieving success

A little work history for your review.

  • 2019 - ...

    Matt Taylor Auto, Youngstown, OH & Hermitage, PA

    Director of Digital Marketing
    Director of Digital Marketing:
    • Taylor Kia of Boardman
    • Taylor Kia of Hermitage
    • Taylor Chevrolet & Toyota of Hermitage
    • Matt Taylor Kia of Lancaster
  • 2017 - 2019

    Ensure the profitability of Kia of Bedford by overseeing the various departments which include variable operations (sales & financing), fixed operations (service & parts), and the business office (accounting & administration). Hiring all management positions, completing performance evaluations regularly and developing short and long-term goals for each department manager (includes administrative, sales, parts, collision and service departments).
    • Planning and developing short and long-term goals and objectives annually, and submitting time projections to corporate management for approval.
    • Effectively communicating with the comptroller/office manager on a weekly basis to review departmental forecasts and ensure consistency with annual projections.
    • Paying close attention to daily operations, recommending and creating improved courses of action where necessary.
    • Explaining the policies and procedures of the dealership to all employees and following up with employees to ensure that these issues are understood and followed.
    • Overseeing the monthly financial statement to ensure it is complete, accurate and submitted on time to the management/dealership owners.
    • Coordinating with the business/administrative office to ensure that records and analyses are correctly maintained.
    • Creating a good working relationship with lending institutions and manufacturer personnel and maintaining these relationships.
    • Coordinating regular meetings with the managers of each department to ensure their profitability and efficiency.
    • Overseeing the hiring and training of all department managers.
    • Maintaining an enthusiastic attitude to build positive employee attitudes and morale.
    • Overseeing and maintaining compensation plans for all employees.
    • Creating cost-effective advertising programs and merchandising strategies for the dealership.
    • Focusing on any customer complaints that department managers are unable to rectify and taking the necessary steps to resolve these complaints.
  • 2016 - 2017

    Kia of Bedford, Bedford Ohio

    Director of Digital Marketing
    Worked correct poor social reputation (which was a 1.8 star rating on Google, and now a 4.3), enhance digital marketing efforts and drive traffic and conversion at the dealership.
    • Responsible for maintaining vendor relationships.
    • Cost control for digital marketing efforts.
    • Managed SEM/PPC campaigns and strategy.
    • Managed social media campaigns.
    • Managed partner integrations with DMS and other dealership systems such as vAuto  & Homenet
    • Managed email campaigns for sales and service retention and equity mining combining third party technology with internal CRM system.
    • Tracked ROI against each marketing channel.
    • Implemented new voice over IP phone system and phone call tracking for advertising sources.
    • Inspected and managed accountability for inbound digital lead handling within dealership BDC.
    • Managed all website specials and banner design.
    • Designed all digital and print media.
    • Managed all SEO efforts including custom website content design as well as posting to Google My Business and associated tracking of organic traffic performance using UTM tags and Google Analytics.
  • 2013 - 2016

    Prometheus Global Media, NYC

    Senior Developer
    Lead all development efforts related to off-platform websites for internal & external clients. Work closely with product management, marketing/sales and editorial teams to execute projects under extreme time constraints and with limited operating budgets.
    • Deliver high-quality, cost-efficient solutions that regularly exceed client expectations and drive key metrics (revenue, user engagement, audience development).
    • Based upon project needs; responsible for solution architecture, hands-on coding, as well as software evaluation, implementation and extension.
    • Executed 25+ sales and editorial projects and microsites that generated over $5 million in revenue. Working with top brands, such as: Mercedes Benz, Delta Airlines, American Express, Activision, 1800 Tequila, Grey Goose, NBC, USA Network.
    • Significant participation in full product development lifecycle; from initial scoping and needs analysis through development, testing and release.
    • Drive cross-departmental communication with key partners from product mgt, design, quality assurance, back-end development and technical operations.
    • Established best-practices and new processes for handling the development of sales projects that decreased operating expense by 27%.
    • Participate in technical road map planning and resource scheduling.
  • 2011 - 2013

    Total Management, CLE

    Director of Development & Network Administration
    Managed and executed all web development and network administration for the launch and maintenance of SAS property management platform, TotalManagement.com.
    • Designed and developed the software’s primary user interface and user experience leveraging TK technologies.
    • Designed and developed the Total Management website (Totalmanagement.com).
    • Owned the product development road map, resource planning and quality assurance.
    • Built and maintained the network infrastructure using Amazon Web Services
    • Managed a team of front-end and back-end developers.
    • Trained new hires and provided hands-on onboarding for new clients.
  • 2010 - 2011

    Lakana, Inc.

    Manager, Support Services
    Created and managed support team for a venture-backed SAS content management system that serviced the local TV market, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.
    • Hired, managed and mentored team of 2 support technicians.
    • Designed and developed secure support portal consisting of “how to” guides, videos, FAQ’s and escalation procedures.
    • Implemented scalable client ticketing system leveraging RT: Request Tracker and XML feeds to custom notifications platform.
  • 2009 - 2009

    College Couture

    Creative Director & Project Manager
    Lead company through a redevelopment and shift from in-house to external manufacturing to increase output and lower overhead.
    • Brought on to assist in the re-development of the brand and to refocus the company.
    • Implemented new technologies such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and e-Commerce solutions to both cut costs and use technology.
    • Created an organized apparel ordering and production process.
    • Procured new manufacturing processes which cut down on time to market and operating expenses.
    • Used graphic design skills to aid in the creation of an entirely new Vintage Style apparel line for College Couture.
  • 2002 - 2003

    Campus Village

    Project Coordinator
    Designed and deployed an apartment complex wide distributed Internet and Satellite TV head end system, which provided high speed internet access and cable tv to over 300 residents spread out across 12 buildings.
    • Handled hardware & software procurement.
    • Designed system specifications.
    • Created documentation.
    • Worked hands on with outside contractors to complete installations.
  • 2001 - 2010

    MobileWeb4U, CLE

    Founder, CTO/CEO
    Built a mobile IT services and software platform capable of providing feature phones with mobile access, bypassing the primary Verizon network.
    • Designed rich mobile web experience for feature phones.
    • Sold bulk service to Verizon Wireless and their Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) nationwide as a Strategic Alliance Partner.
    • Supported a network of 2 million nationwide Verizon subscribers.
    • Sold Blackberry Enterprise Service in conjunction with hosted Microsoft Exchange.