David Gruhin

The experienced STRATEGISTDESIGNERDeveloper

Kia of Bedford, Bedford Ohio

Worked correct poor social reputation (which was a 1.8 star rating on Google, and now a 4.3), enhance digital marketing efforts and drive traffic and conversion at the dealership.

  • Responsible for maintaining vendor relationships.
  • Cost control for digital marketing efforts.
  • Managed SEM/PPC campaigns and strategy.
  • Managed social media campaigns.
  • Managed partner integrations with DMS and other dealership systems such as vAuto¬† & Homenet
  • Managed email campaigns for sales and service retention and equity mining combining third party technology with internal CRM system.
  • Tracked ROI against each marketing channel.
  • Implemented new voice over IP phone system and phone call tracking for advertising sources.
  • Inspected and managed accountability for inbound digital lead handling within dealership BDC.
  • Managed all website specials and banner design.
  • Designed all digital and print media.
  • Managed all SEO efforts including custom website content design as well as posting to Google My Business and associated tracking of organic traffic performance using UTM tags and Google Analytics.